Top Ranking on Page 1st of Google is Easy, But How?

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How do I become a top ranking on page 1 Google easily and quickly? This is a discussion topic that is always warm in among the perpetrators of SEO in the world, including in Indonesia.

For some, his website entry page #1 Google alone is really happy. Especially if their website could be at a top ranking on page 1 of Google, definitely like the swashbuckling world class SEO.

But what is true is no way so that our website can be at the top of Google rankings? In theory Yes, there is a way, and the guns need to have to become an expert SEO because everyone can manipulate so that their sites are in the top rankings of Google. But there are terms and conditions Yes, will be described.

Be a Top Ranking on page 1 of Google is easy

If his goal was just to make a web page to be number 1 in Google hell easy as hell Yes. Its true! But the question then, is whether the keywords (terms) that is in the position of the #1 Google it ended there?

OK, let me guns rambling, here is how to be a top ranking on page 1 of Google according to my version. These methods are very simple but proven unsuccessful, please try (note: I created this article based on a dialogue with someone):

1. select keywords that Rarely Ended

Someone: “strange, instead of Why we have to search for a keyword that many can let a lot of its search traffic?”
Me: “the target is right let me sign in the website’s top page 1 Google keyword search, although the rarely”

Someone: “keyword which rarely ended right doesn’t always mean competition is easy”
Me: “Yes, but generally sparse as you type keywords that competitors are so minimal web page we can easily and quickly be champion at Google.”

Someone: “what if I want to shoot a lot of keywords ended its guns matter even though the competition is hard. Or I’d like to use the keywords a lot of its search and easy competition, what website I still can so the top 1 Google? ”
Me: “could have been, but there are terms and conditions apply: do not expect the process will be fast and easy!”

If you want to be a top ranking on page one of Google with the keywords a lot of its search, then it should be ready with the competition that would normally be quite heavy. Although there are indeed a lot of keyword searchable and easy competition, but still you have to do your research and this need not process briefly.

2. Popularized the Keyword Itself

Someone: “you know it’s a strange, instead we should use organic keywords and common people used to do a search on Google. Kog popularized the keywords themselves anyway? This stupid-wanna you lambreto added stupid me huh? ”
Me: “Why do you let the target website so Top Ranking on page 1 Google easily and quickly. Anyways, create and popularize keyword alone does not mean do not designate anyone typing it in Google. ”

For most people may create and popularize the keyword itself it is something not possible or was considered futile. However, for some people who already eat a lot of acid salts of online marketing, this way have already proven successful.

One example of a keyword that was popularized by a website owner is to “Stop Dreaming Start Action”. If you start to learn internet marketing c. 2009an, then will know about this keyword. Keyword “Stop Dreaming Start Action” was first popularized by Joko Susilo, one of the pioneers in the development of internet marketing in Indonesia.

Another example, one of the key words are created and popularized by about 2-3 years ago is “Find Me the most stupid kid”. This keyword was not originally there was a search for it on Google, but once it was popularized through an article and viral in social media, these keywords were typed a lot on Google and entered in the list of keyword recommendations.

The process is quite simple, create a unique keywords that are relevant to business. These keywords can be something that inspires, makes curious (the click Temple), weird, or even the name of the company. Furthermore, publish in the easy social media viral (FB group, FB, FB Fan page Ads, and others), when it needs to be advertised. Over time the keywords you create will start as you type person at Google. Prove it yourself.

3. Create quality content

Someone: “I see there are many websites that their content is ugly and short can be one of Google’s ranking. There’s even a web page without content could be in 1st position Google. Quality content means that guns should be dong, because the content of mediocrity or even without any content can position #1 in Google. ”
Me: “in theory is indeed the page without content can be engineered in order to be in a position of #1 Google. It happens because Google work based on the optimized keywords in the page. However, it is usually long guns kog aka temporary because Google is always updating their search results. Anyways, if you want to meranking the website for a keyword, why no content? What is the create style-gayaan aja? Don’t spend time for things not useful as it bro, create useful guns and guns is beneficial to others ”

The mistake the actors SEO today is too focused on ranking alone, regardless of the quality of the content of a Web page. Indeed the website without content can go in the position of #1 in Google, but what the heck, its benefits and most likely will not last long. Prove it yourself.

4. Apply the basic principles of SEO

Someone: “anything that is included in the basic principles of SEO?”
Me: “ never discusses passing on basic principles of SEO it, can be read in the article 3 major elements in the SEO Website”.

So, the point is the application of basic SEO that includes:

Keywords (in accordance with point #1 and #2 above)

  • On page optimization
  • Off page optimization

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