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Along with the rapid increase in internet users and also economic growth in Indonesia at this time, the development of business in Indonesia also turned out to be a fairly rapid increase. The growth of this business look very flashy on the field of business online and offline business also go Online.

Other than in the field of ecommerce (buying and selling via the internet), online business also experienced rapid growth in the field of information technology (it). The media information that was once through conventional newspaper is now online newspaper such as;,,,,, and much more. Internet business is also widely practiced by those who have skill in a particular field and want to make money from the skill.

We definitely have seen an offline business which is then marketed online to increase sales or to make the brand more popular. One of the go offline business online caught my attention is the business of selling beef rendang online by Ms. Reno Andam Suri. In short the various business opportunities online in 2018 will be more wide open and can be done by anyone who wants to do business.

Anyone who Can run a Business Online?

Online business it is a business that can only be run when there is an internet connection. So, everyone who has an internet connection and a computer/mobile device can run an internet business. The target marketnya not limited because we can sell our products anywhere both locally and internationally.

Internet business can be run by anyone, even those who are clueless about computers can learn online business. One of the examples that I have mentioned is the mother of Reno sells rendangnya via the internet. She can reach potential buyers online and allows for a greater benefit.

Maybe some of you are wondering, what is the best and trusted online businesses that can be beneficial for the long term? Based on my experience and also information that I found on internet business, the following are some of the latest online business opportunities that promise even without large capital, and this business again Delish we can do from home:

1. Internet business by selling other people’s products

In my opinion, this one’s business is one of the most profitable online business today. The reason is, consumers in Indonesia are already people began turning to online, and running internet businesses don’t need big capital lho, even almost without capital.

The advantages of selling other people’s products (dropshiper/reseller/affiliate) is we don’t need dizzy reserved procurement of goods that will be sold and also process the shipment. There are many online stores that offer this program, surely we should also study the transaction history of the online store. Make sure that you cooperate with the responsible person and can be trusted.

Online stores that offer a reseller program and dropship are usually willing to send the goods to the buyer the goods in packaging which name or our online store which became the poster. So we don’t lose these buyers in wanting to do the purchase at a later date. Products sold by way of a reseller/dropship items usually are shaped.

In addition to selling the products of physical shape, we can sell other people’s products in digital form such as eBooks, videos, and membership. This program is usually referred to as affiliate where we get the Commission the percent of total price of successful digital products we sell through our affiliate links.

2. Online Business Selling Services write/Create Website content

Sell services writing is one of the best selling online business in Indonesia at the moment. The reason for this, because now many media blogs/websites popping up and require authors to fill in the content of the website.

Website content may include text, images, and videos. But most of the content of the website I see average use text or article. If you or someone around you has the ability in writing articles, make videos, and images, then this online business opportunity should you run.

In addition to the content in the form of text, video and image content logo is also pretty much need. One of the video content and the images often look for is making video marketing and also the logo image that is associated with the business that will be marketed.

There are so many website owners or business owners who don’t have time or don’t have a good skill in creating content, logos, and videos to websites and their business. If you seriously want to build an online business in the field of business services website, the author of the article they are your ideal target market.

3. Internet business Selling Services Making your Website/Blog

This business is perfect for someone who has the ability in building a website or blog. We don’t need to have great skill in drawing up codes of websites from scratch because there are actually many ways are fairly easy to build a website/blog.

One of the platforms that are very easy to learn and apply in build a website/blog is WordPress. On WordPress, there’s an awful lot of themes/templates are ready to use and unique, whether free or paid with a professional look.

At first you may feel less able to run this business, but if you are already accustomed to making a website/blog are nice, certainly potential buyers you wouldn’t think long to hire your services. And we need to watch out for before selling this service, should we also have a business website with a convincing display.

4. Doing business the Internet is becoming An Online Broker

This business is pretty much done by the online business. A broker is a person or a company that served to bring together between the seller of a product/service to prospective buyers. Surely to be a Realtor, we have to have the network and contacts.

In online business, the confidence of prospective consumers it is something that is very important. Therefore, should we need to study the background of the person we wish to pertemukan, either the seller or potential buyer.

Some businesses use the services of a Realtor online among others; sell websites, sell property, sell services, and others. The other thing that we need to pay attention as the online broker is in terms of the determination of the price of the product/service that you provide. You should not take the lucky too big and also don’t be too small because it concerns your advantage and also a sense of trust from your clients.

5. Sell consulting services in the field of a particular Online

This business is perfect if you have a very good ability in a specific field, in the sense that you are an expert in the field who You get into. Some examples for this field of business is consulting SEO (search engine optimization) a website, business development consultation, consultation, consultation romance problems of traditional medicine, and others.

First, our consulting business is run offline. However, now in the field of business consultation services are very popular we find on the internet. So, if you have a skill or expertise in a particular field then such expertise could be a profitable business if marketed online.

6. Online MLM Business

A lot of people who looked at obliquely about the MLM business, and will hastily shut down when there is offering MLM business on them. In fact this turns out to be very business potential and give you an advantage in many people. However it should be noted that not all MLM business has potential advantages for us.

I myself joined in online MLM business that currently provide regular income each month, i.e. Blakblakan and also Business Oriflame DBC Network. I chose both the online MLM business because its products are indeed good and widely used by the community. In addition, the business plan offered by the second business was very profitable for the membernya.

Another MLM business I ever follow is Talk Fusion (note: currently I’ve been inactive) i.e. the product technologies that are used for business promotion media with media video email. In addition, to my knowledge there are some other MLM business that has the potential of a very good business, but I can’t give a review of the business because I did have never participated.

7. Be a Professional Blogger

If online business this one surely almost anyone can do it. There are many bloggers who have income which is fanstastis of the blog/website built. I personally am very inspired by the success story of a blogger from the United Kingdom, where initially his WordPress blog stubs about social media eventually became a large site with income reaching four hundreds of thousands of dollars more per month.

8. Go Offline Business Online

As already described in the paragraph beginning, offline business model we can also run online to boost brand and also profit. There are a lot of successful SME business entrepreneurs develop their business and profit doubled after market their business online. Of course there must be a business or product that will be sold.

In fact to make offline business we marketed online does not require a large capital. That certainly we will need a website and also social media as a supporter of marketing online.

In addition to the above mentioned, there are still a lot of business opportunities online that can be run from home and in running an online business, surely we must also have good internet access. For media promotion, we can use social media, blogs, media advertising, email marketing, and others.

In closing, I would like to convey that the online business should be accompanied by our ability to conduct effective marketing. Below is one example of video marketing. In the video explained about the importance of online marketing to increase brand and business advantage.

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