Best and Fastest Browser Application to Surf on PC and Android

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Talk about the application browser, internet users generally prefer to use the fastest browser to install on their devices. The reason is simple, you want to get comfortable which makes the browsing experience when surfing the internet, for example the speed of loading and browser security. Right?

Although currently there are countless types of browser applications, both for PCs as well as Smartphones, some people still have no clear picture about the best web browsers they could have. And often also the users PC and Smartphone precisely using the browser application that is not in accordance with his needs.

Before installing the browser application on your PC or Smartphone, you should make sure the browser used to suit your needs and can support the usual activity you do because every browser has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The fastest and best browser for Browsing

Basically a web browser is an application or software that can help users to explore, present content, and to take existing content in a variety of information sources on the internet. There are currently dozens of browser application that can be used for devices of computers PC/Laptop or Smartphone Android you, maybe you will choose which confused.

Of the many options the application a web browser, the following are some of the best and fastest browser you must consider:

1. Google Chrome, fastest Browser And Light

If you frequently surf the internet to search for information and the need of loading speed, security while browsing, simple arrangements, and minimalist look, Google Chrome is the best browser you can use.

The main features of the web browser is WebKit rendering engine is the technology that supports the platform on a variety of devices such as; Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android and Chrome OS. Google Chrome features allow its users to store internet history, download history, manage your bookmarks, incognito mode, manage your profile, and others.

The majority of computer users to PC/laptop and Smartphone using Google Chrome since it is regarded as the fastest browser. In addition to fast, this browser also features a bandwidth saving that can save the use of smartphone data package.

2. Mozilla Firefox, the best Browser with many features

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browser ever existed, let alone a more complete feature. The latest update of Mozilla Firefox with Firefox Quantum even faster than the previous version.

Firefox has quite a lot of features and it looks a little more ‘ lively ‘ than Google Chrome. As for some of the features these browsers include; reading mode, PDF reader, add-ons, web synchronization, notification, bookmarks, and more.

Though not as fast as Google Chrome, Firefox is becoming the first choice for most internet users because of its cool features. For the mobile version, Firefox users can block ads automatically and get the tracking protection on your browser.

3. Opera Browser, fast and Minimalist

Opera is one of the fastest and lightest browsers for all devices, whether it’s PC/Laptop or Smartphone. The Opera browser has several features that are quite capable of so much use to surf the internet.

This browser has a simple display design with the sidebar on the left side to make it easier for users running Opera. As for some of the features of the Opera browser is; choice of language features, security features, speed dial feature, session restore feature, and more.

4. Vivaldi, the latest Browser with interesting features

Vivaldi is the latest browser application which was released in the year 2017. The browser was created by one of the developers of Opera where in them there are a few features that are unique and not available in other browsers.

As for some of the features the Vivaldi among others; Features tab (top, bottom, left, right), tab group, take a screen shoot with memos, can save browser sessions that could reload, and more.

5. Microsoft Edge, the best Browser for Microsoft 10

The Microsoft Edge is browser released by Microsoft to replace Internet Explorer. For users of the PC/Laptop with OS Windows, your device must be installed 10 Windows in order to use this browser.

The browser is also already available to users of Android and iOS. Some of the cool features of this browser among them; can block ads, a new browser tab, access to bookmarks, internet history, downloads, and more.

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